The Library

This site is a running list of books, magazines, newspapers, and other publications that have been sent to Courtney. It is intended to prevent duplications from being sent. Before sending Courtney anything to read, it is suggested that you check here to make sure that someone hasn’t already sent him the book or pub you had in mind.

Before you send a book or purchase a subscription in Courtney’s name, please e-mail me the title/author/subscription period at I will add it to the appropriate list so it’s in the pipleline and no one else sends the same.


  • If you need Courtney’s address, I would be happy to resend it to you
  • No more than 5 paperback books or 10 magazines per package
  • All packages with soft books or magazines need to be marked with Courtney’s registration # plus “AUTHORIZED BY BUREAU POLICY”. Packages are defined as a box, padded envelope, bubble wrap envelope, or anything wrapped in brown paper
  • Hardcover books and newspapers must be sent directly from the publisher or a bookstore
  • Do not send: musical cards, covered or framed photos, stamps or self-addressed envelopes, magnets, envelopes or letters with stickers on them
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